Louis Choquel

Paris (France)

Louis Choquel

Paris (France)

Graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris in 1998 & co-founded zSlide in 2000, an innovation generator which spawned…

zSlideEngine (2002-2004) - online services for PlayStation®2

Omega Player (2005) - music & video player for PC featuring VOD, podcasts, BitTorrent, mobile synch - sold to Orange

Hot Pixel & Atari Player (2006) - online appstore with downloadable games playable on PC & PlayStation Portable

Pictogame.com (2007) - 1st social network for user-generated games, game creation tools, hosting & blog widgets

Podmailing & PUMP (2006-2008) - P2P & HD video-sharing made user-friendly.

In 2008, released I Kick You, earliest social game truly integrated with Facebook.

Formerly CEO of ooblada, social & mobile games publisher: Treasure Madness, Bubble Bunny & Riddle Stones.

When not creating software, I cook & study bayesian rationality.

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