L o u i s S c o t t

L o u i s S c o t t

Hiya peeps :) I'm Louis Scott, I've been playing music since I a wee laddy and I love nothing more than writing music and playing it to people. I draw inspiration from the people I meet, the sounds I hear, the sights I see and sometimes even the smells I smell! I feel music in me and I could never stop.

I'm currently based in Nottingham but play all around the country and am trying my hardest to make a living through my music. If you happen to come and watch me at a gig you'll witness me singing my heart out and trying my best to quiet audiences with a raw, honest and soulful sound...reminiscing about being a human in a world full of things and other humans! Although I've been playing a while I feel like I'm only starting out these last couple of years and hope to carry on learning about music, getting involved within different genres/ playing with other artists.

Nusic - "an all-time fave at Nusic will warm us all up on a cold autumn night. His voice is undeniably hypnotic, he's just so charasmatic."

Will Robinson (I'm Not From London) - "The soulful sound of Louis Scott and his guitar, a spellbinding songwriter in the vein of Joni Mitchell and John Martyn but clearly a real talent in his own right, one to watch and most certainly one to listen to"

Please visit the links below for tracks, videos, free downloads and info about gigs etc.

For booking please contact Louisscottbooking@gmail.com / 07415184956