Ian Love

Digital Asset Manager and Charity Founder in Perth, Australia

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I grew up and went to school in Perth, Western Australia.

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant I moved to Hong Kong with PricewaterhouseCoopers. This was in 1992 when many multinationals were coming to Asia for the first time or where rapidly expanding their Asia footprints. My role included advising clients on all aspects of doing business across the Asia Pacific Region. At this time I also helped PwC establish businesses in Cambodia and Vietnam as our clients started to move into these markets.

One of my main clients at PwC was Credit Suisse and I joined them in 1999 to establish an internal governance, compliance and control function. The function dealt with all aspects of executive remuneration structures and payments across the Asia Pacific Region. As Director - Regional Head of Executive Remuneration, I became a deep expert in all aspects of remuneration governance and I was the lead author of the Credit Suisse Group Remuneration Policy.

In 2013 I left Credit Suisse and started a boutique corporate governance practice in Perth (Sherwood Love & Associates). In 2016 I founded and became CEO of tech-start-up FairPay. This is an exciting remuneration based WebApp which answers the question 'am i being paid fairly?'

My developing interest in technology led me to blockchain in late 2016. I was immediately fascinated and after a few months of reading I decided to devote my energy fulltime to understanding this technology. In 2017 I founded and became CEO of Australia's first Digital Asset management firm, Blockchain Assets Pty Ltd. I now work fulltime in this space and write a blog on this topic.

My main passion outside work is reflected in my profile picture. As the Founder and Chairman of The Mandalay Projects (an anti-human trafficking organisation) I am often in Myanmar checking on our projects and looking for new ones to begin. The main reason I recently undertook my law degree was to research international and domestic slavery laws.

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    • Blockchain Assets Pty Ltd
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