Lorenzo Santos


I'm an aspiring entrepreneur in New York City. My professional experience began on Wall Street, somehow leading to a stint in the non-profit sector and now I'm in the amazing world of startups. I'm a valuable asset for any team, mainly for my ability to focus projects in the larger picture to ensure long-term viability and maximum efficiency.

On a personal level I also have a breadth of interests. I have a weird taste in music, check my Last.fm you'll see what I mean. My iPod is almost always on shuffle! I love watching movies, everything from indie short films to Hollywood blockbusters. As you might have guessed I'm an über geek (Battlestar Galactica FTW).

Although I'm an INTJ, I still enjoy meeting new people, so send me a tweet, email or Ohours session.

In short I'm a Renaissance man in training! In laymen's terms: akin to my idol Ben Franklin.

Here are some buzzwords people think are cool: Disruptive-Lean-Hustler Ninja!