Luis Torrent

Project Manager, Consultant, and Web Developer in Castellón

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Business consultant

About me, to tell you that I am passionate about the world of business solutions, especially in the area of sales, marketing and business administration.

- ERP Software, Software as a Service (SaaS) On Premise and Cloud. Ekon, Dynamics 365 BC, TEN ERP

- Automation

- MES Solutions (Manufacturing Execution System) Industry 4.0

- Power Bi

- Custom development Mobile applications


- Documentary Management

I like to understand the point of view of the people with whom I relate, to try to help them, and in this way achieve the common objectives.

My commitment is to transmit the experience in the development and dissemination of the change to the digital transformation by means of technological solutions for the 4.0 Industry.

The world needs people who feel and love what they do and this is my reason for being :

Planning the creation and development of a brand in a strategic way, taking care of its reputation and ensuring its impact, giving it a defined identity, ensuring that it is recognized by transmitting its values. Making it profitable, communicating to highlight its presence in a given potential market and making it live in harmony with its environment, applying principles of social responsibility. I am defined by reaching out to people. It does not matter the effort, but the satisfaction of a job well done.