Luca Dell'Isola


My nerd stuff, my family, a good book, a beer and a horde of zombies. Life can be fun even without superpowers. Relocated in Vancouver on February 2014, I've worked in the IT Department of Metronapoli (Naples public transportation's Agency now ANM) since 2005; a beautiful wife, brat twins, a cocker spaniel named Nina, a great passion for dark and horror stories, red beer and zombie movies. Still thinking that someday I'm going to find the time to put down on paper my astonishing night dreams. Till that day I keep on doing Technical Support, Help Desk, and etwork Admin dirty jobs. I also like running, usually alone, mostly at dawn, before the city wakes up. [training might really be useful just in case zombies decide to show up...] My perfect job? Connecting people togheter. I do believe that everything would be much easier if you find the way to put in the same room the guy with the problem and the guy with the solution.

  • Work
    • Globalme Localization
  • Education
    • Cisco CCNA
    • Computer Science Engineer