Lucas Jubb

Business Management Consultant in the United States

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After being born in Oakland, Lucas Jubb soon moved to Havana, Cuba with his family, retuning back the United States around age 8. Moving around at a young age allowed Lucas Jubb to develop a great appreciating for travel and culture. He is now fluent in three languages: English, French, and Spanish, and has traveled to many different areas of the world.

Some of his greatest travel experiences took place while he was working with Club Med after earning his Bachelor's degree in Psychology from St. Mary's College. After graduating, Lucas Jubb worked with Club Med for two years as an activities director as well as an occasional dancer and actor in some of the resort's events. After Club Med and spending some time traveling and exploring Europe, Lucas Jubb completed his Master's degree in Psychology.

From there, Lucas Jubb went on to advance his professional career. Currently, he stands as a Business Management Consultant for a wide range of business leaders and CEOs. Using customized resources and strategies for each of his clients, Lucas Jubb helps businesses grow and thrive in fast paced, ever changing environments. He is eager to continue to meet with new clients and share innovative ideas and ways of thinking for the future of business.

This traveling professional believes that there's no better way to experience another culture than to dive in -- taste buds first! A major fan of food tourism, he opts for cook books and recipes rather than trinkets, when picking up souvenirs.

When he is not working or traveling, Lucas Jubb enjoys sports, particularly baseball. He played baseball throughout his life as a kid and through college after receiving a baseball scholarship. Today, Lucas plays competitively in various softball leagues, attending tournaments over the weekends and playing games during the week.

Lucas Jubb is a member of the Bartering Exchange Network. On BEN, he offers business management consulting services -- completely free of charge!

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