Lucie Hunter

Dundee, Scotland


‘A Strong sense of place, love of land, often becoming mixed with a sense of cultural identity.

The Isles of Iona and Staffa hold a special family connection in Lucie’s heart and provide the inspiration for her Degree Show Collection.

Lucie explores the innate affinity we have with our natural surroundings and environment and believes this plays a part in our instinct to pick up mementos; objects which help us retain emotional connections.
Motivated by this behaviour Lucie aims to bring a sense of place to her jewellery, designing pieces that unite patterns and textures from found objects, the Scottish landscape and its shorelines.
Inspired by basalt lava structures that form Staffa’s landmass Lucie creates wearable treasures using precious metals and gemstones that preserve family memories.

Lucie hope’s to help people re-connect with the land they live on through two outlets.
Firstly, through a collection of jewellery inspired by places which hold special memories and inspire her.
Secondly, through a commission service where clients can create pieces that are inspired by places which are special to them, providing a unique opportunity for
them to engage with the skills and process required to produce bespoke jewellery.

  • Education
    • Jewellery and Metal Design BDes (Hons)