Luis Rodríguez

3d food printing specialist in New York

Luis Rodríguez

3d food printing specialist in New York

My quest is merging food with rapid prototyping! :)

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Talks & Workshops

Introduction to 3d food printing; ITP-NYU, New York, US. June 2016

3D Food Printing exploratorium; Erfurt, Germany. June 2016

Introduction to 3D Food Printing, Seoul, South Korea. December 2015

3D Food Printing Exploration Pier9; San Francisco, November 2015

The future of food. 3d print show; Madrid, Spain. March2015

Impresión de alimentos Futuro, Presente y Pasado; Zaragoza, Spain. Maker Show June 2014

Inventando el futuro EEMEETING, Alicante, January 2014

3D Printing Food BcnDevCon '13, Barcelona. Nov2013

Printing Food. Olab Barcelona Sept 2013

Digital cook. Made on Mondays Barcelona Jul2013

Intro PLYUMP - Barcelona 3d printing MeetUp Jul2013

Mini maker Faire - MOB-Barcelona Jun2013

3d printing food - eTopia Maker Show Zaragoza Feb2013

Introduction to 3d printing Show IRoom Nov2012