Luisa Baltazar

Consultant in Lisboa, Portugal

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“What a person can be, he/she must be." Self-actualization by Abraham Maslow.

Who: Luisa Baltazar as Founder, Chief Communicator and a marketer with intrinsic skills of communication, fueled by a passion for innovation and a drive to learn and evolve. In constant search for the paths that may take her curiosity from knowledge to wisdom. Focused on priorities, results and quality of outputs, she has a the power of communication and she intends to use it.

What: Dialogy Consulting provides personalized Consulting Services on Marketing & Communication finding solutions, not problems. The team aims to excel at what they do while always moving forward by turning intentions into results.

How: Through personalized Consulting Services on Marketing & Communication, Social Media, Brand Management, Marketing Programs & Initiatives, Event Organization and Content Generation. We are a team of partners and of hand-picked resources from a valuable pool of experts and freelancers from different fields that is assembled, according to the specifics of each project, to create a customized solution that makes sense for your audience, your industry and your goals.

Why: Companies need efficient marketing to grow their business. We have it. Skilled resources and customized solutions. Hand-picked for them, by us.

Where: Stationed from Lisbon in Portugal, a new hub for innovation and creativity, in the Sillicon Valley in the USA and at multiple and worldwide companies and organizations from diverse industries.

When: In the present. Today and now.

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