Luisa Baltazar

Consultant in Lisboa, Portugal

"What a person can be, he/she must be..." Self-actualization by Abraham Maslow.

Who: Luisa, a marketer with intrinsic skills of communication, fueled by a passion for innovation and a drive to learn and evolve. In constant search for the paths that may take her curiosity from knowledge to wisdom. Focused on priorities, results and quality of outputs, she has a lever and she intends to use it.

What: Finds solutions, not problems. Aims to excel at what she does. Always keeps moving forward by turning intentions into results.

How: Through Social Media and Brand Management, Marketing Programs and Initiatives, Event Organization and Content Generation for digital marketing.

Where: Lisbon in Portugal and the Sillicon Valley in the USA at multiple Consulting and IT companies as well as companies and organizations from diverse industries.

When: Throughout 20 years of career.

Why: To help you stand out from the crowd. To guarantee your message comes across. To turn your good ideas into great results. To make your brand thrive.

Communication is dialogue.

Dialogue is sharing.

Sharing is value...

Your value.

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