Luis Beldroega

Director and Project Manager in Benguela, Angola

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Born in Carvalheira, in the District of Aveiro, Portugal. Although I am currently Working in Benguela, Angola, usually I am living in Porto, in the North of the country, most of my family were farmers, originated from Alentejo, in the south of Portugal. I've studied Business Management @ ITFI, and also, Accounting and Administration @ ISCAP, in the city of Porto.

I enjoy visit different countries to learn about their culture, their history and ways of living. Because of this i developed a passion for travelling. I like to use some of my time in Social and Economic Research, to develop new approaches towards problem solving (SERTPS) This is my main hobby. I've studied Music in my younger years and i can be extremely fascinated and curious at the same time, with the greatest of the Old and Traditional Things, as well as, with the newest Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED).

Favourite Quote:- "Enjoy life, help each other. Enjoy every moment, give thanks and leave nothing unsaid, nothing undone". By António Feio - a Portuguese Actor and Director.

  • Work
    • Angopri
  • Education
    • ITFI - Instituto Técnico de Formação e Investigação
    • ISCAP - Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto