Luis Cotto

Cambridge, MA

I'm always looking to collaborate with anyone interested in assuring marginalized voices are heard!

Founder • Center Without Walls

Co-Founder • La Paloma Sabanera (2004)

Hartford City Councilor (2008 - 2012)

Cambridge Arts Council (Advisory Board)

Mass Creative (Advocacy Committee)

Community Development Consultant

"Councilman Luis Cotto loves this place enough to have a reputation for loving this place" ~ Hartford Advocate

"When I met Luis years ago, someone said, "This is where community happens." It was true of his coffee house and it's true of Luis always. He's making connections, standing up for what is right and for those who have no voice, being a node through which creative and excellent artists and factors enter our community. A positive person who makes things happen."

"Luis is a very special weaver of community, masterful in his manner of connecting people from all walks of life through the arts. Luis is also a champion of local artists, a rare thing."

" Hartford's La Paloma Sabanera when it was owned by the Cotto family and was for a few golden years one of the most exciting jazz spots in town...Luis E. Cotto, who was the moving force behind the jazz series at La Paloma, is the producer of what promises to be a wide variety of cultural programming...With all the goodwill he created among musicians at La Paloma, Cotto will be able to tap into Hartford's rich pool of young players with rising reputations, including some already enjoying national recognition. Under Cotto's guiding hand, La Paloma became an invaluable hot house for the cultivation and nourishing of the best and the brightest of the area's aspiring, young jazz talent."