Small Business Owner and creative in Portugal


Small Business Owner and creative in Portugal

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I start working for myself at 19 years old, after finished my High School.

I was in the Navy 2 years.

Between 1986 and present, i worked in many things.

First i was DJ in 3 Clubs, and Broadcaster with a Metal Program. After this i worked several years in Design, Publicity, Marketing and Organization of Musical, Sports and Social Events.

Meanwhile i had a Music Shop.

Between 1986 and 1998 i also played Indoor Soccer.

From 2012, after 2 private Learning Courses, and many hours of technical work, i started working in Technology, more precisely Computers (hardware and software).

At the moment i have a Computers Shop, and a Design Agency.

I am a Businessman, Creative, Designer, Computers Technician, Advertising, and Organizer of Events.

As personal person, i am a Metal Fan, and a Video Gamer. I love Beer, Wine, good Food, True Friends, and Animals.

My favourite colour is Black.

I like to meet interesting, friendly and real people.

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