Luis Lucena

Software Developer in The World

Hi, I'm Luis. I'm a Backend-Blockchain developer living in Venezuela. I'm a fan of technology, music and entrepreneurship. I'm also interested in photography and sports.

I like challenges, I am constantly learning new technologies. I am a responsible, humble, honest, empathetic, fair, organized and disciplined person. I have worked mainly in Fintech, P2P, B2B, Blockchain projects. I have performed as both roles, however I have also been a bit DevOps and for a while worked as a Business Automation Specialist mostly with algorithms and integrations.

I am a developer of Chainlink infrastructure based on hybrid smart contracts and decentralized oracles, I have participated in several Bootcamps, including as a Tutor in Chainlink Bootcamp 2022. I belong to several communities in the decentralized ecosystem, web3, DAOs, DeFi. I often like to contribute in Open Source projects, being able to give my contribution with organizations that help society, I like to support projects that contribute to change the world to be a better place. I am a supporter of GNU/Linux free software and I am passionate about Cybersecurity, Gaming and IoT...

Let's build some cool stuff together! ❤️

  • Work
    • web3 / software
  • Education
    • Andres Eloy Blanco Polytechnic University