Luis Manuel Rojas

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Man proposes and God disposes / Orgulloso de ser mexicano, un privilegio ser poblano / Counselor at Law / Enemigo del Divide y Vencerás / Mi afición es ‘Conducir’ / Traveling ‘my obsession’ / En lucha de una Reforma Migratoria / I enjoy not having to get up early also being alone / I don't mind working at night... Nowdays I'm looking forward to moving to Baja California, México... As we know, our mexican people whose are living in some States of USA such as «Alta California» comprising what are now the <States of California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona> «New Mexico», some parts of <Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma> which today comprise a significant portion of the western United States and the big «State of Texas» (All of these once Mexico's Territory) are getting troubles because of their immigrant status, so I'm supporting an immigration reform in order to get a strong law that grants benefits and take care of their rights, families and possessions... and of course, increase legal immigration... I think it´s time the government did something about it... Recuerden que... Los Latinos are the source of the American Economy / "I am proud of both Mexico and the United States." (Dios bendiga Norteamérica). Just for the record... With regard to the U.S.-Mexican War, Later —Ulysses S. Grant— recorded his belief that it had been waged unjustly, by recognizing in his personal memoirs… “It was an instance of a republic following the bad example of European monarchies, in not considering justice in their desire to acquire additional territory”. Él mismo consideraría más tarde haciendo referencia al Estado de Tejas: «La ocupación, separación y anexamiento [de Texas] fue... una conspiración para adquirir territorio del cual los estados esclavistas pudiesen formar una Unión Americana».