Luis M. Rojas

Consultant in Puebla, México

Hey there!, I’m Luis from Mexico. I’m a consultant currently living in Puebla, Puebla. As we know, our mexican people whose are living in some States of USA are getting troubles because of their immigrant status, so I'm supporting an 'Immigration Reform' in order to get a strong law that grant benefits and take care of their rights, families and possessions... and of course, increase 'legal immigration.' One of my favorite things to do is meet up with friends and enjoy a cup a coffee together. Important conversations in my life happen over a cup of coffee, it is also part of me, central to my connection with family. Soy un fanático de la tecnología, la música, los libros y el cine. Me gusta mucho practicar mi segundo idioma, el Inglés, formar lo que viene siendo el 'idioma' híbrido Spanglish (el cual es para algunos una «mezcla deforme y alterada», mientras que para otros es un «nuevo idioma»). So, I'd like to meet new people from all over the world, hence, practice and improve my English skills. Check out my blog to know more about me.

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