Luis Quevedo

Public Speaker, tv host, and science writer in New York

I'm a science story-teller: Awarded documentary filmmaker, radio, podcast, TV and film producer. I also write and host TV. I'm based in New York and work across language and cultural barriers, in Spanish and English.

I’m director & host of CST [Science, Health & Technology] a daily TV Spanish language show available across the US and Latin America to more than 10 million viewers.

I'm a US science & health correspondent for 'El Mundo' newspaper.

I host the weekly, sciency and humanities-friendly, 'El Método' podcast.

I'm a co-founder of CUONDA, the Spanish-language podcast network.

In two films I've explored evolution, in its biological, human and cultural incarnations: 'In search of the first European' and 'The lost future'.

I've been a producer for NPR's Science Friday, Managing Director at Imagine Science Films Festival and host and co-creator of 'Tres14' a weekly TV show that explores the interface of science and the arts airing on Spanish National Television, 'La 2'. I learned the ropes with Eduard Punset in REDES, a weekly science TV show in RTVE a long time ago.

At the European level, I worked for the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, and the EuroScience Open Forum. I’ve been involved in European science policy as an active member of the Young European Biotech Network. I'm a member of the Association of Spanish Scientists in the USA.

I am an advisor to Social Gradient and founding member of Red Comuniciencia, a network of science, health and technology communicators and outreach professionals located in North America.

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