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The Role of Psychology in Criminal Justice Degree Programs

There are few subject matters linked as closely together as criminal justice and psychology. In fact, the majority of courses and work environments for criminal justice majors have elements of psychology sprinkled throughout courses and job requirements. Because of the importance of psychology in criminal justice careers, those seeking to enter the criminal justice system should strive to take as many psychology courses as possible. This is even more important if you wish to enter the field as a criminal psychologist, which typically requires a dual major in criminal justice and psychology.

Psychology and Criminal Justice

As a professional in the criminal justice field, you're required to not only deal with those who have mental or behavioral issues, but discover ways to interact with them in a beneficial manner. The only way to accomplish this goal is by studying not only general psychology, but also psychology within the realm of criminal justice. Throughout your coursework, you'll be exposed to various topics regarding how social environments foster certain types of behavior as well as how to deal with offenders who are mentally unstable.

Along with being able to deal with offenders, psychology plays a vital role in communication levels between peers within this industry. Due to the extreme pressures and scenarios most criminal justice system positions require, psychology plays an essential role in inter-office communications.

Criminal Justice Psychology Coursework

In order to gain a better understanding of how psychology interacts within the realm of the criminal justice system, it's important to understand the various coursework a criminal justice major should undertake. While the following is just a small sample of criminal justice/psychology courses, it offers an excellent barometer regarding the type of courses you should enroll in.

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