Lukas Hudecek

Prague, Czech Republic

While I'm presently navigating the joys and challenges of fatherhood with my two little ones, I've faced and learned from life's numerous hard knocks. Entrepreneurship has been my journey, not merely a career. I've been at the helm of numerous ventures, the majority of them bootstrapped, with two attracting angel investments and one successfully exited.

Building on the diverse experiences from my various ventures, I found myself founding and leading StartupYard, the first Czech startup accelerator. It was a tough, brief but valuable chapter in my entrepreneurial journey. Subsequently, I devoted the following nine years to Node5, a coworking space designed for tech entrepreneurs. This period was filled with highs and lows, as maintaining its operations amidst endless obstacles proved challenging. Eventually, I found a company to take over Node5, marking a significant turning point in my journey.

Thanks to my professional background as an engineer, I currently find myself in the role of Interim CTO at We are a last-mile delivery service that exclusively utilizes electric vehicles and employs super intelligent routing to maximize efficiency.