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Fibromyalgia- main symptoms and some preventions

Fibromyalgiais considered as rheumatic disease and it is one of the most widespreaddiseases of the human muscular system. This disease affects extra-articularsoft tissue and tendons. One of the main symptoms is musculoskeletal pain (likespilled one) without inflammatory process. It means that pain is present indifferent body parts of the right and left halves and below the belt, and atthe same time in the area of spine.

Thesesymptoms can be combined with rapid muscle fatigue and tingling sensationinside the muscles. And important issue here is that these symptoms shouldpresent not less than 3 months. Exactly this circumstance (duration) allows toassume that this maybe fibromyalgia in this particular case. In addition tothat, one of the main things in the diagnosis is a specific search of tenderpoints which distinguish fibromyalgia from other analogical diseases. Also thisdisease is characterized by the following additional symptoms - fast fatigue(around 89% of all patients), sleep problems (around 79% of all patients).

Hereit's needed to highlight that sleep problems can be just sleep interrupted aswell as the presence of feelings of fatigue after sleep. Patients also cancomplain about strong headache. The causes of fibromyalgia are not fullyexplored yet. One of the point of views highlights long stress (e.g. due todepression) as the main reason for getting of fibromyalgia.

Thereare no special analyzes which would allow to confirm the diagnosis. Someadditional analyzes can be assigned to exclude any other diseases that can besimilar to fibromyalgia.

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