Luke Murray

Doctor in Lexington, Kentucky

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I'm a nomadic family medicine doc and entrepreneur who used to be based in Lexington, Kentucky. In med school, I founded a startup incubator that grew into a few other initiatives (i.e. we published a couple books, built a coding school, etc.).

After med school & residency, I moved into a van and traveled around the Bluegrass State working off my med school debt by putting my new skills to use. After spending some time in Africa, I started directing a COVID testing & vaccination program with sites throughout the country. During that time, I got my private pilot's license and failed to become fluent in both Spanish & French.

I’m currently mentoring some companies I have investments in (here, here, & here) and building a team to compete for the Healthspan XPrize.

My ‘zone of genius’ is creative connection.

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  • Work
    • Wild Health, Awesome Inc
  • Education
    • University of Kentucky College of Medicine
    • University of Kentucky