Dr. Luke O'Connor

Risk Manager in Canberra, Australia

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I am born and raised in Sydney however I went overseas in the mid 80's and lived away until returning about 18 months ago. Last time I lived here it was pre-monorail and I returned to see it dismantled. I did post-graduate study in Canada, and understand the true meaning of cold. I can also converse in baseball and basketball cliches till the cows come home. After a few years of being in Brisbane, where I learnt about the true meaning of hot, I moved to Switzerland, where I remained for 15 years, learning the true meanings of wealth, foreignness and public transport. I grappled with a language that has genders, cases and dialects, as well as too many linguistic cul-de-sacs that English has jettisoned for the better.

My accent now is not very Australian, as I was required to exorcise my nasal twang if I was ever going to hope to converse with colleagues for whom English was their second, third or fourth language. I sound like I come from some remote part of the Commonwealth that was temporarily located in Scandanavia. Since returning I have had to relearn the gentle art of casual swearing in polite company, and further advanced non-casual swearing as form of intimacy between males. I can now use "dead set" to express surprised disbelief once again. I am trying to rekindle my idolatry for public transport that I acquired in Switzerland but that is very hard in Sydney, the promise of extensive light rail notwithstanding.

My passion is analysis and explanation. Originally my studies were in the field of cryptography but I eventually became enthralled with answering questions of the type how many and how often. I also have a deep need to articulate, explain and clarify, rejoicing when I see light bulbs going on in the heads of others.

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    • Risk Manager at KPMG
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    • University of Waterloo