Luna Brand Management

Marketing Agency and Consulting Firm in San Antonio, TX

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Luna Brand Management is a social media management agency with concentrations in logo and web design, branding, reputation management, and social media marketing! Founded in October 2015, Luna Brand Management has already seen tremendous growth due to its commitment to excellence. Starting out with just a few local clients, Luna Brand Management now has a clientele stretching from Phoenix to Long Island. In just a short time, the organization is already on its way to becoming a competitive force in the marketing industry.

The ultimate mission of Luna Brand Management is to help companies grow. Whether the company is a small business or a multimillion-dollar sales firm, Luna’s goal is to help them maximize their potential. The team believes in each company or entrepreneur they're partnering with and has a passion to help them achieve consistent, long-term growth.

Luna Brand Management's culture is highly opportunistic, fast-paced, and creative. Luna’s team works in a positive, uplifting, learning-rich environment that encourages all members to share thoughts and be confident with their ideas. Everyone on the team is dedicated to hard work. Members of the team are always working on their craft and skills to ensure they are putting the best work forward for their clients.

In short, Luna Brand Management is comprised of big personalities and even bigger work ethics. With growth projections to expand Luna Brand Management to a 20-member team with an international clientele, the company is shooting for the stars and hoping to leave customers "over the moon about their brand."