LuRain Penny

Wherever I am, there I be.

LuRain Penny

Wherever I am, there I be.

LuRain Penny is a celebrated singer, song writer. During her stage career she opened for Ray Charles, Taj Mahal & Dr. Billy Taylor. Now in semi-retirement, Miss Penny is working on her autobiography, Maintenance Drinker in the New Age, and crusading for the causes close to her heart; animal welfare, water conservation & world peace.

Through many social networking sites, LuRain continues to entertain. Her wit & wisdom has brought her many fans & friends in the wider World.

In her own words:

"When we offer no conclusions, when we can contribute no assistance, when we strike fear without providing hope, we are playing the same game as those we despise. It is in the best interests of our readers, and our World, that we move helpful, constructive, uplifting information around.

When we consider the force of our words & deeds, public & private, on everybody as more important than our agenda no matter how righteous, we will truly begin to change Human nature.

Inspire solution rather than conflict. Share. Care. Be Aware."


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