Luvina Beckley M.H.M and Associates

Director in the United States

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So far, under the leadership of Luvina Beckley, MHM and Associates has employed a business model that has thus far brought forth a success rate that is just under 80 percent. MHM and Associates has a mission of finding funding for projects that are geared to improving the communities in which they work and to spur economic development. They raise money in the criminal justice, health and human services, economic development and arts and culture fields, but they have also backed many other types of projects as well.

One reason Luvina Beckley has led MHM and Associates to their current status as an elite firm capable of staffing industry experts on securing grants in-house. So far, they have secured well over $100 million in grants for many different projects in many different communities. they have also managed to be recognized by the state of California and the federal government for their design and efficiency when it comes to bringing about community growth and improvement. That makes Luvina Beckley an excellent community leader. That's an excellent combination.

Luvina Beckley MHM and Associates have been cited many times for their use of best practices and models that bring about an enormous level of success. Their team of grant writers tends to use the most effective assessment and tracing tools and they also employ the use of support teams to back the writers. Also impressive is the network of funders and investors they have built up over the years, as well as the unprecedented network of strategists, elected officials and strategic partners they can often count on to help them bring success to a project.