Lydia Sherman

Lydia Sherman considers the home the domain of the woman and has spent much of her life in pursuit of maintaining its sanctity by being a proud mother, homeschooler and homemaker. Sherman was raised in Alaska, living through the territory's transformation into a state. Her father was a fisherman, whom she used to help during fishing season. At home, creative arts were encouraged, and Lydia Sherman learned to paint and sketch. Self-expression through artistic endeavors became and continues to be a principal creed for Sherman in addition to her Christian faith.

In the late 1960s, her family moved to the opposite side of the globe, taking up residence on the island of Tasmania in Australia. Down under, Sherman completed her high school education and then went on to study at Burnie Technical College. During this period, she read widely and delved further into the world of art.

In 1972, Lydia Sherman returned to the United States and was married; she and her husband, a minister in the Church of Christ, have remained together for 40 years. In the 1980s, she enveloped herself in the home school movement when she became the primary educator for her children and wrote often on home school-related topics for newsletters. She continued in this role through their high school years.

In more recent years, Lydia Sherman has taken her point of view to the blogosphere, co-founding the website Ladies Against Feminism, which seeks to provide a Bible-based response to some of the main tenets of the feminist movement. In this forum and on her own blog, she has taken up the moniker of Lady Lydia Sherman, offering her advice and support to women who wish to fulfill their position in the home as educators and homemakers.

Lady Lydia Sherman also writes about Victorian art, music, and sewing. Sherman is particularly interested in recreating Victorian attire. She offers readers further inspiration in her book titled Just Breathing the Air.