Lymphedema Therapy

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" Lymphedema is a build-up of lymphatic liquid in the interstitial tissue that causes swelling, most often in the arm( s) and/or leg( s), and sometimes in various other parts of the body. Lymphedema can create when lymphatic vessels are missing out on or damaged (main), or when lymph vessels are harmed or lymph nodes eliminated (additional).

There is a lot of information on lymphedema. It is either main or secondary. Secondary lymphedema would certainly be created from something such as a cancer cells surgical procedure. Mine is second since my lymph nodes were gotten rid of from my top thigh on one leg during my cancer cells surgery. If the lymphedema is not managed it can end up being elephantitis. Yes, it is a real medical condition and it is really major. There are lymphedema support system throughout the U.S.A.. The National Lymphedema Network has lots of info.