Dr Lynika

International Speaker, Author, Mentor, Based in Australia

Dr Lynika

International Speaker, Author, Mentor, Based in Australia

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Witnessing others become the powerhouses they inherently are, is a gift and passion that is firmly entrenched in my DNA.

Good things are often buried in rocky terrain and to uncover them often takes great gobs of grit, a good shovel and a spirit that won’t quit.

Helping people break barriers and empower themselves beyond their wildest dreams, these are the things that drive me.

My very early background and the unique set of resources I grew as a result are a prime example of the gifts that can come from being thrown off a cliff without a safety net or a full grown set of wings.

I grew a certain kind of resilience and know-how that most people never get to discover. I stepped into a strength that lays dormant in most lives.

Let me tell you, raising yourself as a child, sleeping in trees and surviving on small bites of old, thrown out bread gets you right into the deep bones of things.

The beauty and alchemy of this, was having an intense up-close look at what really grows and sustains a person and this formula translates to every aspect of life. It sure as heck saved mine. I discovered miraculous things about the human mind and spirit.

It absolutely kept me alive and instilled a super power that saw me push through and overcome time and again, the seemingly impossible.

I’m living proof of what can happen when you switch the light on in a room you never knew existed...

I'd love to connect with you and gift you a free chapter of my book 'Beggars CAN Be Choosers' at http://www.lynika.com

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