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Charlotte, Nc Usa

I am a writer of novels and during the romantic Era of English Literature. I wrote gothic and romantic novel based on experiences throughout my life. My husband Robert, 34 years old is an English poet. I was born on September 25, 1983, Oklahoma. I am the youngest of Alexander Brown and Esther Lucia. I spend almost rest of my time for social work. I’ve been working for an international organization which is known as The Dreams + Teams, for 2 years. This organization is available for teenagers wanting to prove their leadership skills as well as having chance to express themselves. To be honest, I feel really lucky to be one of the four-manager of the represent center for this organization in Hongkong. Together with more than 20 other members, we’ve built up lots of events which can make us proud every time we talk about them. One of the most memorable event of last year was a pretty big Mid – summer party for orphans and disabled children. As a result, we saw how useful we, as well as our organization, could be.

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