Lynn Mechelle Your Every Day Jane

Boise, Idaho

I have 4 grown children and experiencing the empty nest syndrome. I am learning new things and exploring other ways to make money other than the traditional 9-5 job. I also teach Zumba Gold classes. I hope to travel the world soon and see all the things that I have only read about in books or seen on the internet.

I recently retired from our School District ( 15 years there) and am awaiting the arrival of my first GrandBaby!

I have tried the arena of Direct Sales in the past and was never that successful, at least not enough that I could retire my husband on. I always had a difficult time getting completely passionate about my products, as well as creating my own story, it all seemed so forced. I had all but given up of working in the networking arena, I just could not find my passion in it. I knew that I loved helping people but was not sure where that fit into my own goals. Then I saw a link for a MLM HEMP Business and then it all clicked for me. I knew immediately that this was for me, I found my passion, my why and my story. I will leave a link to my youtube channel below so that you can watch my story, it may be a bit too long to write on this page. There will be 2 videos that I want you to pay special attention to.

I'm excited to be a part of Team Elevate and the guidance and training that they give to each one of us. If you are not successful, then you need to look at yourself and see how or what you might need to improve on. Just saying that you are going to do something or even just doing it for one week or two will not allow you to be successful.

I have also teamed up with MY FUN LIFE! Why? I LOVE to travel and I LOVE great deals as well as earning money from my travel!! What more needs to be said about that!!!

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