Mark Chambers

Social Media Manager in Leeds, United Kingdom

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Advertising is a funny old business these days and more people are getting online so I thought I'd actually take the time to build out a good online presence in case any of you look me up.

I am current not in work but actively seeking it, I have a lot of experience within the advertising industry and have worked with many big brands to deliver what I feel was quality "on point" advertisements, I feel my biggest strong point is the copy I write and the ability to really understand how to target exactly what the customer wants.

I think the biggest issue in todays game is that no one is paying close enough attention to little tiny metrics that have nothing to do with CTR, reach or even sales, improvements can be found further up the stream like editing your ad text when you think of better ideas that your customers will like.

The good old days of just having an ad online is no longer going to cut it, lets face it its getting much harder to stand out from the every day noise we are seeing from sites like Twitter, Facebook and others, in todays environment you need to be very good at being direct and getting to the point as fast as possible.

Cut the fat. Stay on point. Use Apple like bullet points to great effect.