Maarky Thermal Systems

Cherry Hill, NJ

A Cherry Hill, New Jersey-based manufacturer of heat transfer equipment, Maarky Thermal Systems serves power plants on an international level.In addition to handling equipment supply needs, Maarky provides a range of fabrication, consulting, and on-site technical services. The company can design and fabricate heat exchangers, feedwater heaters and steam surface condensers for all genres es of power plants.

Dr. Ranga Nadig has spearheaded company growth and development as the president of Maarky Thermal Systems. He completed his MS and PhD in mechanical engineering at the University of Utah. Currently positioned at the forefront of modern technology, Dr. Ranga Nadig and his team of engineers have designed equipment for all classifications of power plants, including those that utilize solar energy. To find out more about the company’s products and services, interested parties can visit

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