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When the healthcare facility does not have an expert in infectious diseases, the family will have to look somewhere else to get the treatment they need.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development provides a free service called the Slovakia Public Health Locator. In the country, a family may become ill and instead of seeking proper medical assistance they fall back on the care of the family member who is the nearest to them. There are many health care facilities available in Slovakia. Each facility has its own characteristics. A patient may have urgent need of surgery, an operation may be cancelled due to financial difficulties and then the family member who is closest to the ill person falls back on the care of the family.

This can create problems for both the patient's family and the patient. The family will have to wait for the patient to recover if the nearest healthcare facility or the required treatment is not available. They will not be able to visit the healthcare facility to see if the treatment is successful. Even when they do go, the poor treatment that they receive there will have no impact on the recovery of the patient. The chances of the patient contracting the disease are high if the healthcare facility doesn't have specialists in infectious diseases. The family will have to travel quite a distance to reach the hospital and the doctors that they desperately need.