Mark Curcher

Educator and Researcher Critical Digital Pedagogy in Tampere, Finland

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I am a passionate educator, lifelong learner, speaker and researcher, committed to helping build a future where every person has free and open access to knowledge and is at liberty to learn.

I position myself within Critical Pedagogy and my research interests include critical digital pedagogy, the impact of digitalization on teacher professional identity, the social impact of the datafication of education and punk pedagogy.

I am the director of an MBA in Educational Leadership and a member of the Critical Applied Research of Digitalization in Education (CARDE) Research Group.

I believe that we should endeavour to create a world of greater equity, where wealth is not measured by consumption but instead by the sum of the individual value that each person brings to the world, their unique talents and creativity.

I think the purpose of education should be empowerment and emancipation and I believe in a system of education that allows learners to develop as unique individuals, fostering creativity, critical thinking, literacy, problem solving and collaboration. A system of education in an authentic context that is focused on providing the skills and knowledge required for an uncertain future and that trusts and values the essential contribution of professional educators.

If you share some of these visions and ideas, then connect with me and lets work together, we have a lot to do!

  • Work
    • Tampere University of Applied Sciences
  • Education
    • Doctoral Candidate, IET, UK Open University
    • Master of Arts (Online and Distance Education) Ope
    • Bachelor of Education (Business), University of th
    • Certified Member of Association of Learning Techno