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They start with a host of entrepreneurial packaging and other details and then skip over one of the most important aspects.

The sad truth is that only a true name can come from a formula to move a business towards success but people go for Catchy name generator

Think about it: Would you like a "Patagonian toothfish" on your plate for dinner tonight? Hmm not so much? OK "Chile Sea Bass"? This is better, isn't it? Or another example that Marion Morris put on a cowboy hat, flipped over six shooters and became "John Wayne".

The names are quite powerful. I started out as a very good copywriter. I know words are incredibly important. There is a difference in each. The name is true, and you'll get branding as a by-product of your advertising.

Here are seven key pointers in moving your business forward:

1. Feels good when the name is said. I’m a big fan of the connection, using words starting with the same consonant, Coca-Colaor Jimmy John. Just be sure to say she’s too loud - and make sure it’s not a “she sells the sea by the sea” situation. People need to have names, videos or conversations on the radio.

2. Use a name that has meaning and benefit. If you have heard this, you will immediately know what it is. For example, my first "real" book was called, "Moonlighting on the Internet." The word "moonlighting" immediately conveyed the message that it is intended to use the Internet in your spare time to create extra time. Make sure the name is not too common. Personally, I think the Boston Chicken made a mistake when it changed its name to the Boston Market. Don’t try to be everything to everyone with your name.

3. Avoid Web 2.0-Ish Syndrome. I still don't know if you associate Flickr with "Ir". And I'm sure I don't know how to spell delicio.us without seeing it. This type of mild dyslexic spelling is the same as in previous decades. Potential customers of your Eleggiblenew venture should be able to easily see the name, and you shouldn't ask if "you" is "U".

4. Be careful early. They are so boring. Yes, IBM and 3M have put an end to starters, but these are multi-billion dollar corporations that have been around for decades. You can do this when you bring in billions of dollars in a hundred years. Until then, trust a name that is interesting.