Madhavi Doki

Entrepreneur in McLean, VA

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Madhavi Doki is a McLean, Virginia-based businesswoman who originally hails from India. She has mastered the art of utilizing her entrepreneurial skills in the technology and healthcare employment sectors. In addition to increasing company profits rapidly, Madhavi also keeps an eye on other indicators that make a company succeed. Focusing on the true heart of a company, its team members. Madhavi is well-aware of the importance of people as a valuable role in any firm, having finished her undergraduate degree in Psychology. Following this principle, Madhavi has earned a reputation for increasing efficiency while maintaining the number of personnel on the payroll.

After graduating from university, Madhavi Doki realized she was passionate about entrepreneurship and business. She started her own company and focused on providing professional services in the information technology management industry. Due to her influence, the company expanded its scope of services and provided various medical equipment procurement, IT security services, and healthcare staffing. Having a medical degree also benefited Madhavi as it allowed her to gain insight into the industry.

After establishing herself as a successful entrepreneur, Madhavi Doki was able to acquire another company, which was called Neathawk Dubuque & Packett. She was looking for an ad agency to promote her various businesses.