Mafalda Matos

actress and holistic coach in Lisbon, Portugal

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Mafalda Matos is a free spirit who finds joy in everything she does. She has an inquisitive, perceptive mind, a bright intelligence and a kind, passionate soul. When talking to her, watch out for a subtle raise of her eyebrow – it means she’s onto something and questions will follow.

Well known in Portugal for her roles on television she has also been seen in numerous publicity campaigns, but she has refused to settle for the easy life such gifts can bring. As her awareness of and concern for social and environmental issues has grown, so she has sought to engage with the wider world on a more meaningful level. For example, six months living in India, completely immersing herself in the culture and lifestyle, had a profound impact on her.

She is a Holistic Coach, helping amazing human beings to thrive in their lives with alternative tools: breath and body work, meditation, new mindset reprogramming, nutrition and shamanic approaches. She does 1:1 sessions around the world trough ZOOM.

She is greeted with grace and calm, as well as bright eyes and an easy smile. But the calm is born of confidence and the confidence born of an energy for action. “It’s all about embracing the power of imbalance”, she tells me “There is most life in the ocean where the land meets the sea; where waves crash on the shore. It’s the same in life: the dynamic for change can demand radical action, breaking down and rebuilding, to become the best version of ourselves.” It is something she shares with others too. She and her family run a Retreat Centre in her native Portugal.. Here she helps others find their true selves, whilst connecting with nature in its purest form.

One last thing: Mafalda is a caring and compassionate soul, but she is no pushover: She’s trained for an Iron-Man competition and once completed a 200km bike ride in only 11 hours. So, if you’re going to run with her, you’d best be prepared!

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