Marino Festuccia


What I simply do is to take a brand and to upgrade its force on the Internet through an accurate analysis of its web presence and an efficient plan to improve it.

I've started as a small publisher long time ago, because I like to hear stories and help people tell them better. After that I graduated in Communication and started studying a bit of coding (Wordpress) and the other old passion of mine: photography. When I discovered Photoshop I was amazed by the possibility to enhance the subjects I shot.

Difficulties came out when I started trying to make all those things be useful together for my professional life. After some years I figured out with the help of colleagues, friends and teachers that a creative spirit with a solid technical preparation is a useful resource for those who are involved in marketing and storytelling, so now I help whoever is in need telling his/her story in a more profitable way, no matter if he/she is an artist, an artisan or a whole corporation.

Feel free to contact me even for counseling about one or more of those aspects.

On the same plane of existence I'm a creative photographer with various showings and events realised so far that loves social media, dinosaurs, rpgs and cats.

To keep informed about what I'm doing right now visit my website and blog at

  • Work
    • Web Strategist
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts (Communication)