Magali Toussaint

Global Leadership Executive Coach in Amsterdam, Nederland

The global C-suite executives and international organizations who work with me are able to stand out from the crowd, come up with innovative solutions, and take diverse actions to make things happen.

In today’s competitive and complex world, you have no choice but to outperform and outthink the competition and be different in an inclusive way and give a voice to your diverse employees.

As a global leadership coach, I help you get the best outcomes to:
✓ Increase your global, virtual, and remote teams' engagement to increase satisfaction
✓ Boost your global executive and leadership capabilities to be more productive in complex, global contexts
✓Create a culture of innovation, inclusion, and diversity
✓ Manage diversity in complex environments by increasing innovation revenue
✓ Engage global, diverse, remote employees and teams for better collaboration
✓ Attract and build high-performing and inclusive teams

With 15 years of international expertise in cultural diversity, leadership and talent, I will support you reinvent your developing your inclusive leadership skills, and building diverse high-performing teams.

By overcoming the challenges of relocating abroad to the UK, Australia, and the Netherlands on my own, being raised in a single-parent household, being an ambivert, working as a foreign woman in a male-dominated world, and learning multiple languages, as well as leading a diverse and remote team, I embody diversity in an unconventional way. I am a radical candor who has a creative, empathetic, goal-oriented, and strategic mindset while focusing on doing good. I now use my superpower of strategy and speed along with my difference to help my clients to clarify their visions and take concrete actions towards their inclusive leadership, diverse environment, and innovative workplace.

I know that by setting the right goals and having a clear direction, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

  • Education
    • Master Management of Cultural Diversity
    • Pre-Master Culture, Organization & Management
    • Bachelor English Culture & Communication