Maged Elhami

Entrepreneur in Montreal, Canada

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Maged Elhami is a Canadian executive and entrepreneur.

Over the course of his career, Maged has launched a number of businesses with the goal of solving problems, building from his expertise as co-owner of a Montreal–based family business that provides an assortment of electrical heating elements to customers. As a spin-off to meet the needs of clients, Maged also co-founded an online platform built and designed to allow for customers in the railroad industry to remotely receive real-time updates on equipment function.

Showing their varied interests and willingness to cross into other industries, Maged and his brother formed a company that fabricates large precast concrete structures to be used in construction and also heated platforms for railroad applications.

Maged also serves as vice president of a company that invented and now manufactures the first hand dryer with UV light designed to kill bacteria. The company’s eco-friendly, sustainable high speed hand and hair dryers are also Wi-Fi compatible.