Maggie Secara

Writer, editor, and dreamer in Los Angeles, California

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Life is a curious thing. I love historical recreation and modern conveniences. I love new technology but I also write ghost stories, fairy tales, and magical novels that send everyday people on adventures in time with the help of Fae magic.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that my novels, the HARPER ERRANT series (Crooked Cat) bind contemporary, historical, and mythic fantasy together with music and humor.

My stories have appeared in diverse places, including the FOREST OF DREAMS and SPOOKY HALLOWEEN anthologies, New Realm, Unsung Stories and Daily Science Fiction.

To find my books at Amazon just click the Read My Books button or look for me at your favorite online bookseller.

Otherwise I have one adoring husband, two goofy cats, four magical novels, half a million English words to toy with. Everything else is subject to change without notice.