Maha al-Senan

Researcher and Art Historian in الرياض, المملكة العربية السعودية

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Dr. Maha A. al-Senan

Maha al-Senan is an Art Historian from Saudi Arabia.

An Associate Professor at PNU, Riyadh, and has also worked for the past 5 years as the General Manager at the Saudi Heritage Preservation Society, a Fulbright Alumni, as a visiting Post-Doctoral fellow at the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, Harvard University 2010/2011, and her project was on Islam and Contemporary Arts in Saudi Arabia. Al-Senan's studies cover both pre-Islamic and Contemporary visual arts in Saudi Arabia. with a Ph.D. in Archaeology (Art history) awarded from KSU, Riyadh in 2009, her thesis was a comparative study on unpublished religious sculptures from Qaryat Al-faw in Saudi Arabia (400 B.C- 400 A.D), a study that was awarded the Prince Salman prize for best Doctoral Study of Arabia (2012) . She also holds an MA from PNU, and her thesis was on contemporary Art in Saudi Arabia, a theme which she covered in 3 books in 2007-2008. Active in the Arts field and women's role in this field, through her weekly Columns in Aljazeera News Paper, and her role as a Member & Member of board of many cultural comities, also by Coordinating, Consulting, Lecturing and other participations in Art exhibitions or associated activities both Locally and internationally. Maha has been awarded for her work, through prizes notifications and fellowships in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Germany, Italy, and the USA.

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