Mahendiran Damodaran

Web Developer and Software Engineer in Atlanta, Georgia

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A different person just like everyone else and my true identities are my fingerprints, retina and maybe less than 1% of my genetic makeup.

My story began long ago in 1982 in the ancient heritage land of Tamil Nadu. I am from a family of farmers, weavers, linguists, artists and Tamil culture. This concoction is all that I am.

I choose the career of treating machines as humans. Started with C and Foxpro during my 8th grade when Java was not on stage then was given BASIC and AIX after graduation. Yes its like riding a bike after getting Pilot's license but still it had its own beauty and ease of use. Amazing thing to me was one of the biggest online retail shop in US is using BASIC to manage their backend system effectively. Then I opted for the ocean world of Java and learnt its entire family of technologies till its new born and fast growing kid - Android.

Apart from these software stuff - I love Quiz both being quizzed and quizzing others, urging others to protect our ONLY planet with life and civilization and fighting for the rights of certain ethnic groups.

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