mahen pitale

Artist in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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A graduate in fine arts from raheja school of fine art, mumbai (india)

spare time used to freelance for architects and interior designers,work with ngo’s,&

prosthetic awareness and i am involved in a program of prosthetic development with a lot of organization.

friends, everything was going well in my life, after school, college, and then doing jobs, then got a chance to out of india jobs, leaving home and working in other country had increased courage and enthusiasm, and i too was happy

One of artificial limb company and fitting centre in india gave me a mechanical hand free of cost because im the victim of bomb-blast , which had limited movements,due to which my work got started, but with great difficulty could i do certain things.

one year passed and during a get together of blast victims, i met people who had lost a leg,others had lost a hand and so on.

during a brief talk with someone i realised that he had a prosthetic hand

with rotational movements and use at his free will which could me controlled by his mind.

i felf if i could get a prosthetic hand my life and work would also benefit from it, ottobock quoted 7 lakhs for the same.i contacted many famous temples trusts in india,but got no help from anybody.

by now had made some friends from print media and news channels who carried my articles and interviews, which made an impact on people and i started getting help money wise.

the amounted needed for the hand was raised and i was happy to get my own prosthetic hand.

life became easy for me in a way and i could do a lot more than before.

in life i learnt myself not to stop….

so taking the help of prosthetic hand, i decided to move forward. and today i started doing work which i did not do earlier.
such as - cricket, rifle shooting, cycling, trekking, photography, marathons, became my hobbies,

and my favorite was the motor-bike-riding,

since i was unable to press the clutch with the left hand, so i shifted the clutch to the right side, and practiced giving the clutch, front brake, excilater with one hand

want to create awareness among people who are physically challenged that if one makes up his mind,he can do anything which a normal person can. want to motivate people to come forward with confidence and a little effort on their part and try to do things that they thought were impossible to do.

i aslo make it a point to go and visit people who lost their hands or legs in accidents and encourage them to start a new life all together.