Vicki Maheu

Kingston, WA

Vicki Maheu resides in Kitsap County, WA and is loving her life homeschooling her children and creating art that reflects the beauty of God's creation and His grace toward humankind. She has always enjoyed drawing in pencil, pastels, oil pastels, and ink, but one day in 2012 she picked up some tubes of acrylic paint, and quickly realized that she had discovered her calling.

Though she enjoys all arts, crafts, and photography, and ardently seeks to capture and portray the beauty surrounding and within her, she recognizes that every work is simply a dim reflection of the true thing, a dim reflection of God's creative powers, hence the name of her gallery, "Ardent Reflections".

While on occasion she will create art that addresses a political or social issue, most of her art is positive, reflecting the beauty of God's creation, the wonder of nature, or the ingenuity and creativity of mankind.

  • Work
    • Ardent Reflections
  • Education
    • High school and some college, but as an artist she is self taught.