Mairi Sutherland

Scotland, United Kingdom

Mairi Sutherland has over fifteen years experience in programme production. Firstly, as a freelance radio reporter with BBC Scotland where she developed a successful career as a documentary features writer, presenter for radio broadcasts on BBC Scotland and Radio 5. Then she moved onto working for BBC Scotland Television as a researcher for the national network programme First Light. In 1995, due to changes in local radio staffing she joined the independent film sector, where she gained experience working with Clan Wallace who were the fighting extras, technical assistance and inspiration for Oscar winning film Braveheart. While with 'The Clann' she worked on 'The Bruce' starring Oliver Reed, which gave her a valuable insight into the practicalities of filming on location in Scotland.

In March 1996 she joined Palm Tree Productions to work on publicity and marketing becoming a shareholder and co-owner. Soon she was to co-produce and co-own more than 18 of Palm Tree Entertainments 21 films during the space of a decade in film production working with Producer partner, veteran film maker, Robbie Moffat.

Mairi now has an impressive 18 production credits as Producer, co Producer, Executive Producer, Writer and Director as seen in her credits on imdb, the Hollwood Movie database site below. In the trilogy Celtic Warrior she made a brief departure into 'front of camera' with her acting role, Beith de Pict, a comedy cameo.

Included in her credits, she has written 3 screenplays and directed 2 of these films. She wrote Red Rose, about the life of Robert Burns, which gained several awards at Film Festivals and went on to be translated into 12 different languages across Europe by HBO. After this she wrote and directed Photoshoot a film about a paparazi stalking an aging actress, which gained a best Actress award for the lead actor, Debbie Arnold. Her next screenplay, which she also directed called 'Going Green' is about a family who when their house is repossessed - they breavely decide to make a new life. 'Going Green' yet unseen, will be on the Festival circuit in 2015.

The list of films Mairi has helped to produce are as - Love the One Your With, The Hawk and the Dove, The Bone Hunter, Winter Warrior, Finding Fortune, Rain Dogs, Red Rose, Axe Raiders, Cycle, Darkside of Heaven, Seven Crosses, Sister's Grimm, Photoshoot, Deep Lies, Beast in the Basement, Got to Run, Crab Island, and Villians.

  • Work
    • Film Producer
  • Education
    • BA Honours in History and Politics