Aisha Dabo


I was born somewhere in West Africa, raised in DR Congo, Senegal&TheGambia. I come from a family of African migrants on both sides thus I have the right to Gambian, Senegalese, Mauritanian, Malian, Sierra Leonean and Guinean nationalities. The only time I have problems with all these connections is when I am asked to choose.

My guts feel at home wherever I go in Africa. I visited about 30 African countries, hopefully will visit all before..... *PanAfrican at <3* Mum instilled many things in me but also the love of Africa

I have interest in many things. I will just name a few: human rights especially of women's and girls' , freedoms, governance, web activism, gender equality, youth issues, culture and arts.

Riddle....Just for fun: I am 220&221&222 I was born 232 raised 243, look like 224&251&254. I am definitely from Zone 2 ;

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