Malachi Gross

Life Coach, Consultant, and marketing in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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So... You're looking me up. One way or another you found another trail for who I am. So if you google my name, as you may have done, you will find little traces of Malachi Gross.

Well, I'm a guy that's really intrigued with life, your's included. Together we form humanity. We are the animals to earth, as the animals are to us.

As you begin to look me up, seeking to discover who I am, I personally leaving you a trail to do so.

This page is yet another place to discover more about me so here ya go...

Start the relationship, I had a career in human development or psychology with emphasis mental retardation, special education or what is now called developmental disabilities. There's nothing more that will teach you about people than working with these special people. You're required to care and think or assist with thinking.

Earlier in my life, I became fascinated with video and, later on, photography. I became very good because I was editing TV in high school. I'm into health and human science, ya know, how we can maximize our time on earth as humans. Becoming who we really are or really, feel, we want to be....on purpose.

Keep looking around I'll keep leaving a trail. Thanks for reading and viewing. Please connect to me as I work to connect to 1million people!


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    • Show Host, Writing, Director, Lover of Life
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    • Oral Roberts University
    • Oklahoma Wesleyan University