Kathleen Malligan


I love to live outside the box! Truthfully I don't like the "status quo" or even conforming to the norm yet in many ways I have too; I see the bigger picture and love to engage in the battle of spiritual warfare for the freedom of those in captivity to SSA; I am an analytical and I enjoy counselling especially in my writing; I am multi talented, understanding, friendly and artistic and just love cats. By my teachings with prayer strategies I give keys for regeneration and restoration for the spiritual and natural welfare of others in Christ Jesus. I have my moments but overly accept living for others than myself and I press into my calling so that my sisters in Christ Jesus may know that the Kingdom has come among women to be able to preach, teach, lead and have authoritative positions as Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Leaders and Ministers.

  • Work
    • Minister, Cleaner, Courier
  • Education
    • Primary School, High School, TAFE, Bible College