David Garcia

I don't know how to update you on my life so far. Whatever I put about myself will probably sound conceded. Isn't that how it is whenever someone writes anything about themselves. I've been married since 2001 and our first baby was born January 11, 2008 with another coming in August of 2011. I worked at channel 4 as an editor and supervisor for 7 years. I opened a restaurant here in Doral. A franchise. I've been saved since 1997. I gave my life to the Lord while in college. I minored in Biblical studies, Theater and Computer Science and majored in Film and Video production. I met my wife at my church 3 years later. I live in Cutler Bay. I can't complain. God is good. That's my life since South Miami High in a nut shell. Before that I worked as a web/graphic designer to put myself threw college. I worked at Publix for 700 years and I barely graduated from High School. I don't know how I got my bachelor's degree.