Micah Alpern

Mountain View, California, United States

I’m a Senior Product & Design Leader who’s built and managed teams at LinkedIn, Yahoo!, and eBay. The consumer products my teams have built are used by hundreds of millions of people.

At LinkedIn I lead the overall mobile UX team for 2.5 years, growing it from 1 to 12 designers, and 3% to 43% of traffic. My team built award winning apps for iOS, Android, Tablet, Phone, & Mobile web. Later I was the group design manager for the CORE Products team. I believe great products start with a thesis, touch people emotionally, and are validated with data. I cares about advancing the art of product design.

Prior to LinkedIn I was the Design Director for Yahoo! Search where I lead a team of 15 designers and prototypers who were responsible for the holistic search experience. Before Yahoo! I was a lead designer at eBay.

I'm a founding Director of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) and an alumni of the Human Computer Interaction program at Carnegie Mellon.